Black Blood of the Earth

by Jon Davis

I've been looking for a suitable replacement for coffee at the office. The coffee's fine, but it isn't outstanding and lately I've been wanting a little extra kick in terms of caffeine (lots of travel and late nights lately). Poking around the internet, I ran across a web site that offered a promising product, called "Black Blood of the Earth", or BBotE. BBotE is produced by a company called Funranium Labs. All the details are on the web site. In the description, the proprietor indicates that competing labels for the liquid were "weapons grade coffee" or "scientific coffee".

I ordered a bunch to give it a try and I think it is excellent. Very tasty stuff, very smooth and it does provide the advertised extra kick. The coffee is brewed using cold water steeping, followed by vacuum extraction. The process avoids most the acid present in regular coffee and it extracts much more of the oil from the beans, rendering an excellent flavor (some of the best coffee I've ever had). You can also really taste the differences between different varieties of coffee using this brewing method. It ships in 100ml plastic containers or in bottles and they don't recommend consuming more than 200ml in a day. I've found that 100ml in a cup makes me too jittery, but 50ml is excellent all around. Great taste and a good pick-me-up after a very late night or at the start of an early morning. The shelf life of the coffee (in the refrigerator) is about 3 months. 50ml along with 150ml of water makes a great cafe americano. 50ml along with 200ml of milk makes a great latte. And the stuff makes good iced coffee too. 

You can buy it here.