Sous Vide Cooking

by Jon Davis

I recently read about the sous vide techniques that they use in some high end restaurants for cooking and I've been wanting to try it for myself. Sous vide is basically slow cooking using water and vacuum packed food. I did a bit of shopping and ran across a home use sous vide oven (the Sous Vide Supreme). I picked one up a few months ago and I'm never going back (especially where meat is concerned). My unit cooks up the best steak I've ever tasted and, best of all, it is always perfectly done. I can drop it in the oven and come back 4 or 5 hours later and it's ready (no standing around waiting for the food to cook). I've also tried the oven for other kinds of cooking using the sous vide recipes that you can find on the web (including the Sous Vide Supreme website) with good to excellent results.